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Pride that Shows
South Side Farm and our Miniature Herefords

Welcome to South Side Farm. In existence for over two decades, South Side is a slice of heaven in the lush green hills of upstate New York. The owner's particular attention to detail and fastidious pursuit of excellence is exhibited in both his miniature Hereford stock and the painstakingly maintained grounds and facility where they reside. With the highest standards achievable, you can expect and depend on miniature Herefords from our Farm to be unmatched in every way and provide maximum productivity for the backyard enthusiast to the largest commercial enterprise.

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Miniature Herefords from KAP King Henry and
bloodlines handpicked by Roy Largent

We are very fortunate to have some of the most desirable and sought after bloodlines in the world such as KAP King Henry and handpicked bloodlines by Roy Largent, whose family created the miniature Hereford breed of cattle. The high standards of integrity and quality are consistently evident throughout South Side's miniature Hereford stock and in the professionalism of our operation. We will do our best to help you start a miniature Hereford herd or enhance and existing one keeping intact and continuing our philosophy of "nothing but the best".


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